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CAP Funds Over 5000 Trees in 2020

Over the past year the following companies have been incredibly generous in contributing to the planting of over 5000 trees in the UK. They include Biscuit Filmworks, Scout Productions, April/May, Mayor Productions, Stink Films, Merman London plus a large number of individuals & smaller funders to boot. The tree planting projects they have paid for are run and certified by the Woodland Trust, Forest Carbon & Mossy Earth. We cannot thank everyone's efforts enough.

As the film industry gets back on its feet after the dizzying months of Covid 19, we're seeing that making shoots less carbon hungry remains high on the agenda and donations are still coming in. THANK YOU. At a time when all news is tinged with grim predictions, planting trees feels positive & proactive. We're ready to help make it high on the agenda for 2021.

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