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CAP Kelp Planting July 2023


We are funding a new project that we're excited about - KELP FORESTS. The project is being run by our planting partners at Mossy Earth who, in conjunction with marine groups, are using a system of kelp growing called GREEN GRAVEL. It involves seeding pebbles with kelp in trays in optimal conditions in a lab and then, once established, popping them into the ocean in kelp friendly environments to grow. The results have been very positive with plants taking hold and young kelp forests maturing.

The plan is to plant 80 trays of green gravel in July 2023 and a further 80 in November 2023. One tray will cover approximately 50 square meters of the ocean floor, although this is a rough estimate that will keep refining as time passes. The price per tray is £300.

The planting is currently happening in Portugal, but the hope is to start planting off the South Coast in the UK as a next stage. 

Kelp grows quickly which is why people are excited about its carbon sequestering potential. The science however is not developed enough to guarantee locking away X amount of Co2. So when you fund kelp forests through CAP it would be as “a production’s investment into marine biodiversity”, it would not be to “acknowledge the production’s unavoidable carbon emissions”.

We're still planting trees in the UK as well. At the moment any money donated for trees will be going to the riverside zones in the Kyle of Sutherland in Scotland again, to be planted in the Autumn. 

If you would like your money to go to KELP PLANTING please add the word 'KELP' when you make any payment to CAP.


CAP Tree Planting Feb 2023


On Thursday 9 Feb 2023 our fantastic tree planning partners at the Forest of Marston Vale planted 2000 CAP trees at their site in Bedfordshire. 

It was a sunny day and the planting team did a fantastic job. I’m chuffed to say that, thanks to CAP's supporters, we have now funded the planting of over 6500 trees at The Forest. It’s a small but significant contribution to their planting programme which hopes to hit 5 million trees eventually!

The Forest is made up of 13 Community Woodlands (details can be found below) and last year it received the prestigious Green Flag Award for its flagship site, the Millennium Country Park. It’s the sixteenth consecutive Green Flag award won by the site, recognising the Park for its high standard of horticulture, safety and environmental management.

The communities throughout the 61 square mile forest area continue to benefit from the 2 million + trees that have now been planted, enjoying the woodlands together with the local wildlife that now thrives there.

PXL_20230210_173325754 (1).jpeg

Kelp Planting in Portugal

Kelp 1.jpeg
Marston Vale 8 Feb 23.jpg
Marston Vale 10 Feb 23.jpg

Marston Forest Planting

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CAP Tree Planting Nov 2022


This Autumn 2022 we were excited to partner some of the country’s leading tree specialists in a project to plant Food Forests in the UK. 

The team at Tree Source have a plan. They are planting food forests on farmland with a patchwork of locally adapted trees and plants that not only include native species such as oak, beech, hornbeam & fertility enhancing alder, but also smaller fruiting trees, nut trees & medicinal plants. Their planting designs nurture the underground mycorrhizal fungal networks that are now known to support tree growth, health and vitality, and they encourage space for biodiversity to thrive.

Food forests are an ancient form of farming practiced all over the world which has been all but forgotten in Britain.

They are a multi functional way to not only draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere but also to re-imagine trees as a productive part of agriculture providing food, fertility and medicines as well as contributing to soil retention and natural flood management. And on top of this, the multi-layered and species diverse planting designs mean that this type of woodland will have the best chance of withstanding the challenges of the changing climate.

Tree Source look for corporate partners to not only fund the planting, but also to be a physical part of it, enjoying the land on scheduled open days & harvesting it when the time comes. Thanks to a fantastic donation from Stink Films, CAP & a team from Stink will be planting 1118 trees from November 2022 on 14 hectares of stunning farmland at the new Tree Source nursery outside Bath.


Food Forest Planting

PHOTO-2022-11-24-11-59-35 6.jpg

CAP Tree Planting Autumn 2021


Thanks to CAP's awesome clients, we have 6667 trees being planted from Oct 2022 to Mar 2023 in two locations. The first is the beautiful Kyle of Sutherland catchment in Scotland, the second is in the Cairngorms National Park. 

The planting will be overseen by our planting partners at Mossy Earth and is again focused on riparian (riverside) planting with a focus on protecting rivers in Scotland. See below (Autumn 2021 planting) for more detail. Updates from the field to come.

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 12.42.59.png

Riiparian Planting Zone

The Scottish Highlands 4.jpg

CAP Tree Planting Feb 2022