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CAP Tree Planting Nov 2022


This Autumn 2022 we were excited to partner some of the country’s leading tree specialists in a project to plant Food Forests in the UK. 

The team at Tree Source have a plan. They are planting food forests on farmland with a patchwork of locally adapted trees and plants that not only include native species such as oak, beech, hornbeam & fertility enhancing alder, but also smaller fruiting trees, nut trees & medicinal plants. Their planting designs nurture the underground mycorrhizal fungal networks that are now known to support tree growth, health and vitality, and they encourage space for biodiversity to thrive.

Food forests are an ancient form of farming practiced all over the world which has been all but forgotten in Britain.

They are a multi functional way to not only draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere but also to re-imagine trees as a productive part of agriculture providing food, fertility and medicines as well as contributing to soil retention and natural flood management. And on top of this, the multi-layered and species diverse planting designs mean that this type of woodland will have the best chance of withstanding the challenges of the changing climate.

Tree Source look for corporate partners to not only fund the planting, but also to be a physical part of it, enjoying the land on scheduled open days & harvesting it when the time comes. Thanks to a fantastic donation from Stink Films, CAP & a team from Stink will be planting 1118 trees from November 2022 on 14 hectares of stunning farmland at the new Tree Source nursery outside Bath.


Planting site for new Tree Source nursery

PHOTO-2022-11-24-11-59-35 6.jpg

CAP Tree Planting Autumn 2021


Thanks to CAP's awesome clients, we have 5000 trees being planted from Oct 2022 to Mar 2023 in two locations. The first is the beautiful Kyle of Sutherland catchment in Scotland, the second is in the Cairngorms National Park. 

The planting will be overseen by our planting partners at Mossy Earth and is again focused on riparian (riverside) planting with a focus on protecting rivers in Scotland. See below (Autumn 2021 planting) for more detail. Updates from the field to come.

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 12.42.59.png

Riiparian Planting Zone

The Scottish Highlands 4.jpg

CAP Tree Planting Feb 2022


We are delighted to say that 4500 CAP trees were planted 6th Feb 2022 at the Forest of Marston Vale in Bedfordshire. Local trees were planted by wonderful volunteers in wild weather & high winds under the umbrella of our planting partners at the Forest of Marston Vale Trust.

The Forest of Marston Vale is 61 square miles of land set between Bedford and Milton Keynes. It was a very different place before the Forest of Marston Vale Trust came along. Massive pits had been dug throughout the countryside to supply Stewartby Brickworks with clay, many of which were then filled with waste and became landfill. Tree cover was a pitiful 3%, a third of the national average at the time. ​To help the area recover from the effects of these industries, the Government made the area a Community Forest (one

of 12 in the UK) in the early 90s. The idea was that planting trees and using woodlands would make life better for people and wildlife as well as the environment. Since then, the Forest Charity has planted an incredible 2 million trees and have transformed the landscape by planting twelve thriving woodlands with bike paths, nature trails, picnic spots and wild space. They’re working towards 30% tree cover in the whole area which means planting another 5 million trees. We’re pleased to be playing a small part in helping them get there. 

The Forest of Marston Vale’s community focus is a massive appeal and being just a couple of hours outside London, site visits are both easy and encouraged. 


Planting at Marston Vale