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Are we moving into a more optimistic era for climate action?

This is an encouraging article from Simon Kuper in the FT. I recommend reading the full article here.

In brief, the author suggests that the era of sacrificing things (flying less, eating less meat, installing expensive solar panels) to save the planet from the effects of climate change has not worked. This era of the "stick" is segue-ing into a new era... that of the carrot. The carrot takes the "pain" out of climate action. It means policy makers across the world are now incentivising people to cut carbon, drive EVs, invest in solar panels with carbon credits. This shift, coupled with a monumental reduction in the price of solar panels and other carbon cutting technologies, makes for a less gloomy picture for the future. Simon thinks it puts the world on target to hit net zero by 2070. It's 20 years later than scientists believe we have, but he thinks it's potentially manageable.

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