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Stink Films & Geranium Trust

Thank you 😊 @stinkfilms for finding the lion’s share of 1300 hedge trees 🌱🌳 that were planted at the @geranium_trust Trust HQ in Yeovil. 

The Geranium Trust is a charity that provides a safe haven for anyone experiencing bereavement, isolation, loneliness or abuse in Yeovil. It is a 26 acre site set in the middle of the town, owned by the wonderful Paul Peters who has committed to turning the land into a thriving natural environment. Paul and his team welcome people who need to access a bit of peace & friendship by hosting lunches, tea parties, social groups, and importantly, gardening clubs 🫖🍰💕🌸

Hedgerows 🌱 are milk and honey for insects 🐞 butterflies 🦋 birds 🦅 and useful corridors for critters 🦔 🦡 🦊 but they are dwindling. Since the Second World War Britain has lost 50% of it’s hedges, and of those that remain 60% are poorly managed by being cut too often and too severely. Planting more feels good 🌱🌸💚 

The project was overseen by @carbonaware fantastic partners @reimaginingthelevels, a team of mostly volunteers who are getting vast numbers of trees planted in Somerset. 

@stinkfilms 🎥 and all other @carbonaware funders - you are superstars 🌸💕♥️🌸💕♥️

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