Calculating your production's carbon output

  1. We have decided to make the calcualtion for offsetting your carbon footprint as simple as possible.  We know how easy it is to get swamped with the many different aspects of calculating your carbon footprint. We have been calculating the carbon footprint of shoots since 2009 and have found many productions fall in to an average emission.
  2. Your C02 output will be measured in tonnes and, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, we will then work out the area of woodland that needs planting to counter it and how much this will cost.
  3. The C02 calculation requires very little time to make a massive difference.  In quick and easy steps you can calculte the C02, pay for the planting of trees and receive a CAP certificate (proof of donation to Tree Planting). Please note the figure will be as accurate as it can be, but still an approximation.
  4. You may like to use the CAP certificate on your call sheet to show your commitment to reducing your carbon impact.
  5. At any point after your offset has been made you can track, monitor, even stroll through your woodland.

Latest News

We are really pleased to be acredited by - great things to come from them - please visit their site for more info

We are over the moon to reach 22 trees planted in the last 6 months (since July 2016).  That is 22 tonnes of carbon captured.  Many thanks to all of you have who have contributed.

Pulse Films pledge 8 trees for a 2 day shoot for Lucozade. A very generous donation meaning 8 trees are planted in the Hertforshire wood. Huge thanks to Fran, Hannah and team.

Location Works now offer Carbon Aware to each production that goes into one of their Locations. A huge thanks to Lorna for her encouragement to make productions more green. We are now trying to create a Location Works wood.

Partizan and vodafone colloborate and have planted another tree to our growing woodland.  Thank you again for your continued support.

David Neilson and his company Filming Scotland continue to donate and offset.  Thanks again for your continued support this time planting a tree for their music video production of Twin Atlantic.  Looking forward to seeing the final production, the go to production company for filming in Scotland.

Park Pictures showing great interest with 4 trees being planted for the latest Christmas Waitrose TV commercial.  Looking forward to seeing the end product which should be on screens very soon.  Director Tom Tagholm always does a beautiful job.

Filming Scotland have again shown their Green credentials with a further donation to planting trees for all their Productions in 2013

Traktor continue to boost their green credentials planting 3 trees for their latest commercial.

Carbon Aware is proud to be credited with making Traktor's VISA commercial starring Usain Bolt carbon aware.

We are very pleased to announce a colloboration with the West End Hit Musical Wicked, calculating the production's carbon footprint per performance.

Partizan have again shown their green credentials planting another 2 trees for the filming of Virgin Media Idents for Britains Got Talent.

Knucklehead have just planted a tree for the latest Holiday Inn TV commercial.

Traktor  have just planted 10 trees for the filming of the latest Visa Commercial starring Usain Bolt.

Channel 4 have again planted trees for 2 separate projects (Heston and Jamie Oliver Idents)

Film Surrey support and promote CAP

Filming Scotland now promotes CAP on their site and to all of their productions

The National Trust Film Unit now promotes CAP on their Facebook site

Greening Film now promotes CAP on their site

Partizan Productions has planted a further 9 trees to make the new advert carbon aware. Filming consisted of 1 day on location and 4 studio days.

The 4 Creative team at Channel 4 planted 4 trees for their Pizza Hut Idents with CAP. Filming consisted of 2 filming days on location.

Partizan Productions made the filming of Kenco's latest advert carbon aware by planting 3 trees in the Heartwood Forest with CAP

CAP was chosen to run a stall at BAFTAs 'Green the Screen'

Greenwich Film Office offer CAP's services to productions within their Borough

Location Works supports CAP

Film Link endorses and promotes CAP 

Film London supports CAP